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Ordinary Members

(In alphabetical order)

Robin Chen
AT&T Labs Research, USA
Chin-Wan Chung
Professor, Korea Adv. Inst. of Sci. & Tech. (KAIST), Korea
David Duce
School of Computing and Mathematical Sciences, Oxford Brookes University, Oxford, UK
Allan Ellis
Associate Professor, Southern Cross University (SCU), AUS
Wendy Hall
Chair of IW3C2
Executive Director of Web Science Institute, University of Southampton, UK
Ivan Herman
Centre for Mathematics and Computer Sciences (CWI), NL
Arun K. Iyengar
Vice Chair and Secretary of IW3C2
IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, USA
Irwin King
Associate Dean (Education), Engineering Faculty, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, CN
Yoelle Maarek
VP Research, Yahoo Research, Haifa, Israel
Luc Mariaux
Treasurer of IW3C2
Université de Lyon, Lyon, France
Daniel Schwabe
Vice Chair of IW3C2 & Bids Liaison
Professor, Dept. de Informatics, Catholic University (PUC-Rio), Brazil

Ex Officio Members

(In order of the conference series)


Rick Barrett
Chair, WWW2017 Committee, Australia
Rick Cummings
Professor, Centre for University Teaching and Learning, Murdoch University, Australia


Laurent Flory
Université de Lyon, Lyon, France
Fabien Gandon
Senior Researcher and Research Director, INRIA, France

Past Members

Past Members of the IW3C2 are listed here with their status at the time they left the committee.

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