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Conference Logos SVG Animation

Each year, the local organizing team would design a logo for the conference which shall not only represent that particular conference, it may also help to let people know more about the location where the conference would be held. Besides, as the conference programmes are all about the web, the letter "W" is often being one of the key elements incorporated in the whole logo design.

WWW1 Logo WWW2 Logo WWW3 Logo WWW4 Logo WWW5 Logo WWW6 Logo WWW7 Logo WWW8 Logo WWW9 Logo WWW10 Logo
WWW2002 Logo WWW2003 Logo WWW2004 Logo WWW2005 Logo WWW2006 Logo WWW2007 Logo WWW2008 Logo WWW2009 Logo WWW2010 Logo WWW2011 Logo
WWW2012 Logo WWW2013 Logo WWW2014 Logo WWW2015 Logo WWW2016 Logo WWW2017 Logo The Web Conference 2018 Logo The Web Conference 2019 Logo

Special thanks to Bob Hopgood and Paul Hopgood who worked very hard in making these logos presented in a very interesting way using SVG. Click the links below to watch the recent animations. (click the triangle at the right bottom corner to start the animation)