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Notes to the host

Become an Ex-officio member of IW3C2

The General Chair(s) of the awarded bid will automatically become ex-officio members of IW3C2 (normally 2 years prior to the conference) and 1 year after the conference. The idea is that by getting involved in the IW3C2 activities, ex-officio members are able to gain experience and insight into running the conference during the period prior and to pass on experience gained in actually running it in the year after the conference.

Ex-officio member(s) are expected to attend at least one of the two yearly meetings. The two meetings occur during the annual conference itself, in the first semester, and during the site visit of the upcoming bid, in the second semester. The ex-officio member(s) participation in IW3C2 meetings should be budgeted as part of the corresponding conference budget.

It is customary to have two General Chairs to share the load and to ensure more availability to the various demands that arise in the course of planning and running the conference.

Under the By-Laws of IW3C2, Ex-officio member(s) need to pay an annual membership fee.
** For details about this matter, please contact "bids at iw3c2 dot org".

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