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Conference Application

4. Application Form to Host the International WWW20xx Conference

Please fill in this form in this format. Add any accompanying material, literally or as links, at the bottom.

4.1 Details of Proposed Site

  1. Year of Conference:
  2. Country:
  3. City:
  4. Venue(s) (Please give address):
  5. Have you read the IW3C2 Conference Guide ( ?: (YES/NO)
  6. How Accessible is it for wheelchairs and service animals such as guide dogs
  7. Can all the activities (tutorials. conference, exhibition, etc) be accommodated there? (YES/NO)
  8. Where is the venue located in relation to the city centre airport:
  9. Details of lecture theatres suitable for tutorials (number and capacities, both in theatre and classroom arrangements):
  10. Area available for exhibition (in square feet/metres):

4.2 Accommodation Costs

  1. Summarize accommodation available (number and categories of hotels, number of rooms and approximate room costs, location relative to the conference venue).

4.3 Local Organization

  1. Names of Conference Co-Chairs:
  2. Composition of LOC (as far as possible):
  3. Are the organizers acting on their own behalf? YES/NO
  4. Are the organizers acting on behalf of some other association? YES/NO If YES, give details of the association.
  5. What support will the organizers receive from their institution?
  6. What support will the Conference receive from the local country and/or town or city?
  7. What is the local audience for this conference (both numbers and areas of interest)?
  8. What tracks, invited speakers, or exhibitors might provide local interest?
  9. What do you anticipate in terms of delegate numbers, fees charged for the conference, and expenses for the conference?
  10. Can a budget be obtained locally to run the conference? If so, give details:

4.4 Financial Arrangements

Will any other organization have financial involvement in the conference? If so, give details:

Please discuss the sources of funding and financial models with the current IW3C2 Chair either before or soon after submitting a draft proposal.

4.5 Professional Conference Organizer (PCO)

Please indicate the Professional Conference Organizer involved and the references of the PCO:

4.6 Other Relevant Details

Please include any other details that you feel will support your application.

Send completed application form to the IW3C2 Secretariat ("contact a-t iw3c2 d_o_t org") and the Bids Liaison ("bids a-t iw3c2 d_o_t org").

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