These blog pages serve the WWW2008 workshop community by providing a more approachable and effective way to organize and coordinate the workshops.

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Welcome to the blog for the WWW2008 Workshop Track…

Welcome to the blog for the WWW2008 Workshop Track. The purpose of this blog page is to give a more in-depth and updated information on the workshop Track. The Workshops Chair also maintains his own blog at Please do bookmark this page and site if you are interested in participating in the workshop.

By tradition, workshops often have been the avant-garde and forward looking event in a conference. Without an exception, it is my hope that we continue that tradition, which fosters and promotes dynamic interactions that not only envisioning the future of the web, but making it a reality.

Please note that due to an earlier than usual conference dates for WWW2008 (April 21-25, 2008), the deadline for submitting workshop proposals has also moved up to October 1, 2007 to ensure that each accepted workshop will have enough time to prepare and organize the event. In light of this, do plan ahead to make your proposal a successful one!

Lastly, do not hesitate to contact the workshop chair or deputy chair on matters concerning the workshop. With your support, let’s do our best to ensure an exciting workshop program in WWW2008.

I look forward to meeting you at WWW2008 in Beijing!

Best Regards,

Irwin King
WWW2008, Workshops Track Chair