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Guidelines For the Endorsement of Regional WWW Conferences by the International WWW Conference Committee (IW3C2)

(revision 3, 8/3/00)

What is meant by a regional conference?

A regional conference is defined as a conference whose goals and mission are similar to that of the international conference series but is organized for a specific geographical audience. This definition can also apply to a conference that has a more limited attendee focus (e.g., specialist conferences) than that of the international conference series.

Why is the IW3C2 interested in regional conferences?

  • The IW3C2 strives to promote and recognize research in web technology globally;
  • Regional conferences allow the participation of a larger number of attendees many of whom may be unable to attend the international conference;
  • Regional conferences help to identify individuals who may participate in the international conference process;
  • Regional conferences can act as a forum for "works in progress" not ready for the international conference series;
  • Established regional conference groups (either individually or in a consortium with other organizations) may be encouraged to submit a bid for an instance of the international conference series.

What must be the characteristics of a regional conference to receive IW3C2 endorsement?

  1. Have original, refereed papers and presentations as part of an overall program;
  2. Be a non-profit (i.e., non-commercial) entity;
  3. Be organized and supervised by an academic or research organization or other approved body;

What are the obligations of the regional conference if endorsed?

  1. Display the IW3C2 logo on its main conference web site and conference proceedings; this logo may also be accompanied by some text to be supplied by the IW3C2 (e.g., IW3C2 Endorsed Conference);
  2. Schedule the regional conference at a time of year where it will not conflict with a scheduled WWWn conference. This is more important if the regional conference is more general in its scope rather than a specialist conference.
  3. Include a brochure for the next WWWn conference in delegate's bags;
  4. Run the WWWn conference promotional videotape at one plenary session;
  5. Publicize IW3C2-sponsored events during the regional conference;
  6. Identify outstanding papers, presentations, panel discussions, and/or tutorials which should be considered for presentation at future WWWn conferences;
  7. Send to the regional conference attendee mailing list specific announcements regarding the international conference series (e.g., Call For Participation, Call For Papers, Announcement of Registration Opening);

What are the obligations of the IW3C2 do if endorsement is approved?

  1. List the conference as an endorsed conference on the IW3C2 website;
  2. Publicize the regional conference during the international conference (e.g., at the conference exhibition);
  3. Suggest possible keynote or tutorial and workshop speakers if these are requested by the conference organizing committee;
  4. Publicize the regional conference using the IW3C2 mailing list where appropriate;
  5. Encourage at least one member of the IW3C2 to attend the regional conference and participate if appropriate;
  6. Provide assistance (if requested) to the local conference organization in specific identified areas.

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